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Who are we?

Imp´s Shop, Michael Gschwind, Herrenkellergasse 20, 89073 Ulm, Germany
E-mail: impsshop@aol.com
Phone: + 49 731 / 61 94 63
FAX: + 49 731 / 61 95 84 

We are a shop for roleplaying games, wargames and miniatures (fantasy, SF) in Southern Germany. We have a wide range of games all in English or German language. Our shop exists since 1991 so we have a long experience with gaming.

We also do a lot of mail order, not only in Germany, also Austria, Switzerland and other European countries. We also have delivered games to USA and other overseas countries, e.g. out of print games or German language roleplaying games for collectors who want to have their favourite game also in other languages.

What can we do for you?

We have a large stock of roleplaying games, wargames and miniatures, some of them out of print. Of course we don´t have every out of print game in stock (in fact few, most of them just recently out of print), but it is always worth to ask.

Just to mention we still have out of print stuff for:

Roleplaying Games

Earthdawn, Cthulhu, very few AD&D 2nd. Edition (still a lot of Dragons 80-100, 175-220), Traveller (Imperium Games), Runequest, Hero Wars, Stormbringer, Pendragon, Rolemaster and many more.
The shorter the time is since a product is out of print the higher the chance is that we still have it in stock!


AD&D-Miniatures (also Dark Sun, Ravenloft), Heartbreaker, VOR, Crucible, Ral Partha (almost no dragons sorry) and many more


few out of print wargames are left from: 3W, Decision Games, ASL, Command Magazine, Strategy & Tactics, Clash of Arms and many more

German language editions

Maybe you have always wanted to have your favourite game in another language for your collection (or to learn German :-))? Contact us! Many roleplaying games have been translated into German language (D&D, Earthdawn, Shadowrun, BattleTech, Vampire and many other games from White Wolf, Tribe 8, Hero Wars, Runequest, Cthulhu).
Also there are many roleplaying games, especially fantasy rpgs, which are available just in German language, e.g. Das Schwarze Auge and Midgard, both very successfull fantasy rpgs in Germany!

How to order?

You can pay by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) or International Money Order (Money Order - all fees paid by you), EU also bank transfer with IBAN and BIC.

P&P inside of Europe (all countries) is 16 Euro for a parcel which is insured against loss or damage.

Small articles (one book e.g.) can also send with a not insured small parcel for 8.50 Euro.
We don´t recommend this because your parcel could get lost without refund (seldom, but can happen, if the parcel is insured you get your money back)!

For other countries outside of Europe P&P is much higher, sorry, we recommend surface mail (up to 8 weeks)!

To order, just email us impsshop@aol.com!

Translation Service

We offer reasonable prices for translating games or other stuff into German language. Yes, we speak much better German than English and, yes, we understand better English than we write. Serious inquiries please mail us: impsshop@aol.com .

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